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Service at the clinic
  • Mirabel


Halte 15: 17255 Chemin Victor,
suite 205,
Mirabel, QC, J7J 1P3

Phone: 450-712-3326
[email protected]


The clinic is located in the Pétrole Bélisle (Diesel Dépôt) building.
Go to the parking lot on the other side of the building.
The entrance is under the Vie à Coeur Cardiologie banner.
Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

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  • Quebec


902 Route Bégin,
Quebec, G0R 2N0

Phone: 418-883-0053
[email protected]


Services at home and clinic:

  • Resting ECG
  • 24h Holter up to 2 weeks
  • Mapa 24h to 48h
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a resting ECG take?

5 minutes at most.

How long do you have a Holter monitor on for?

It depends on the medical request. It varies between 24 hours, 48 hours and a week.

Can I bathe with a Holter or a Mapa?

Generally, 24 hours but sometimes 48 hours.

Can I bathe with a Holter or a Mapa?

No, as this would cause the device to break. On the other hand, it is allowed to wash you with a wipe.

Can I have a resting ECG, a Holter or a Mapa without a prescription?

No, you absolutely must have a prescription from your doctor.

Do I need to return the equipment to someone after the exam?

No. We will return to your home to remove the device.

Should I send the results to my doctor afterward?

No. We take care of quickly sending the results to your doctor.

Is there something I need to do to prepare for the exam?

You should know that with a Holter and a Mapa you will not be able to wash yourself. Plan to do it before we arrive. For men who have to pass a Holter and have a chest with hair, it would be preferable to shave it. If necessary we will do it for you. A loose, short-sleeved sweater is appropriate for a Mapa.

Who can take these exams?

A person of any age, with a medical request.

Should I stop any activities while wearing the Holter or Mapa?

No, you should go about your day as normal to give us an accurate picture of your daily life.

What is the cost for at home services?

Our services start at $160. Contact us to find out more.

Don’t wait any longer, call us because we have your life at heart !